I've been feeling extremely strong. I've lost 10kg in conjunction with a pool workout everyday. I feel like I can make it with your help and support. I feel I couldn't have done it without you. If I feel myself slipping I won't hesitate to contact your again, but at this stage I think I might be right. Thank you so much for your help.

- January 2018

I feel that I'm doing well with anxiety and nervousness. I actually am happy with things all round. I will probably need a followup meeting in a couple weeks for help with my over eating etc. Again thanks for your help

- May 2016

I have always hated public speaking, suffering from nerves and anxiety. Thankfully Maree was able to Hypnotise me, and help me overcome this fear so I could complete a presentation with confidence. 

- April 2016

I feel fantastic. It's funny that when I feel in control my eating I feel in control of everything else. Control might be the wrong word. I feel at ease with everything. I'm not feeling guilty when I eat a treat and I allow myself to enjoy it. I'm more productive with my work and home life which is an amazing side effect I didn't expect, perhaps it's the extra energy, not being preoccupied with food or something else. I don't really care why I'm just pleased with how I am now. I listen to your recording most nights and highly recommend hypnosis to everyone who asks about it. My weight loss progress to date is 3kgs (in two weeks) which I'm proud of and happy to say has been easy. So that's where I'm at at the moment. I will come and see you again in a few weeks for at least a massage!

- December 2015

If you are looking for a brilliant massage therapist then give Maree a call! I have been going to Maree for 6 years every 6 weeks - cannot recommend her highly enough.

- July 2015

I just returned from my trip to the Mediterranean and thought I'd give you some feedback on the session we had to help with my flying issues. Well, I truly believe that i was measurably calmer. My anxiety was under control. I still felt uncomfortable during turbulence but did not panick. My only real issue was I could not sleep. So ended up pretty fatigued, particularly since returning. If i can get that sorted down the track i'll be stoked. Thank you for your help. Most people were skeptical about me choosing this course of action but are now impressed with my new found calmness.

- May 2015

Thank You for fixing me. I cannot believe that after years of visiting Dentists and Orthodontists, and having braces, plates and mouth guards, all to no avail, you fixed my teeth grinding problem after two short sessions! It’s a bit weird actually. As soon as I clench my jaw now I hear a little voice that says “don’t” and I automatically relax my jaw without even thinking about it. The pain in my jaw is all gone, and I am much more relaxed within myself. Funny thing is I don’t remember any of the sessions, but whatever you did, it worked, so thank you. I am very grateful. And the massage was AWSOME!! I have been to oodles of massage therapists over the years, but none of them are in your league. You have just scored yourself a client for life!!

- December 2014