About Maree

In 1997 I started practising massage after completing my Diploma of massage with the Hunter College of Massage. More recently in 2010 I updated my diploma with the Hunter College of Massage to further build and modernise my skills, however I am constantly updating my skills to ensure my customers receive the best possible care, and will always be eligible for health fund rebates (approved therapies only).

I became interested in hypnosis in 2010 when with hypnosis I was able to break my bad smoking habits. From this point I knew I needed to study hypnosis to help others on their journey through life.

Studying under the internationally renowned Hypnotist Rick Collingwood, I completed my Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis in 2012. To further build on my skills in helping others cope with the mental baggage hypnosis targets, I completed a Certificate in Counselling and Psychology with PHA in 2014. I am passionate about hypnosis and the positive change it can bring to peoples lives.

My Mission

  • To help others reach their full potential so that they can live a healthy, happy, and successful life
  • To assist my clients to achieve their goals
  • To aid my clients in overcoming their issues from which they seek my services
  • To help my clients repair their bodies or minds as required
  • To treat every client's individual needs

My Commitments

  • To care for the health, wellbeing, and comfort of my clients with the utmost skill appropriate to my current qualifications
  • Respect the privacy, modesty, and dignity of my clients and maintain appropriate professional boundaries
  • Protect the confidentiality of my client's personal information
  • Commit myself to continuing professional development
  • Endeavour to enhance the reputation of my hypnotherapy and massage therapy professions
  • Refer clients to an appropriate therapist if their needs are outside my scope of practice and training